Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teen Texting and Driving

We all know driving drunk is bad, but what about texting and driving?  One of my friends has just spent her summer paying back a friend for damages caused to the front of her car while driving.  750 dollars later, she swears she will never text and drive again.  Studies show that it is nearly twice as dangerous to text and drive as it is to drink and drive.  This is because reaction speed is dramatically reduced and drivers lose about 91% of their steering ability while they are texting.   Many teens today use texting as their primary means of communication and would go as far as to call it a hobby.  Should this be a hobby that continues behind the wheel of a car?  New legislation this fall seeks to make texting while driving illegal, but will it be enough to stop the addictive behavior behind the wheel? To read more about texting and driving, click here

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