Monday, November 9, 2009

Destination 2010: New Orleans

Next August, the 16 and up senior high youth will be going to New Orleans for our annual mission trip. We will be working on one stage of rebuilding a house for a family who has been waiting to return home nearly 5 years. Much has happened in the city since the hurricanes in 2005, many of the residents are still without their homes or a place to call home. This can be a tragic situation, especially for young people who have grown up in the wake of the storm. There is much to learn about life and social systems from visiting a city like New Orleans. Even before the storm, the city had quite possibly one of the most corrupt government systems and police forces in the nation. The city also had and continues to have a failing education system. Many young people feel trapped in the system with no way out. The lack of a home to go home to at the end of the day does not lighten this burden. To read about a young boy turned teen who has experienced the roller coaster known as rebuilding, click here

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