Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our 2010 Mission Trip to New Orleans was very successful! We helped in stage 8 of a house (pre-tile, pre-insulation, pre-fixtures, and interior and exterior paint). We also got to work on stage 12 of a house (pre-inspection, final touches). It was a very HOT week (112 degree heat index) and a very adventurous week...I am quite positive we drove that rental van over every inch of the city. Cultured and exhausted we arrived home. New Orleans will definitely be a future destination for the Westminster Youth Program. Thank you to everyone who made it a success! CITY CAMP was also a huge success for the youth program! 21 students came together to volunteer in Salem and Portland for a week in July. If you see a mid-high, ask them about it! It was too fun to explain in a blog!

The 2010 New Orleans Mission team is invited to Vik's house on Friday, August 20th @ 6:30 PM for dinner and movies of our trip.

Don't forget to come to the Youth Missions Thank You Dinner for New Orleans and CITY CAMP on Sept. 12th @ 5:30 PM. Students should arrive at 5 PM.

Congrats to all CITY CAMP and NEW ORLEANS participants!!!

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