Thursday, July 14, 2011

Greatest Camp Ever Sunday!

Hello High School Campers and Parents,

I am so very excited for my favorite event of the entire year-THE GREATEST CAMP EVER--and I am so excited that your students will be joining us for an awesome and life changing week at camp! Here is what you need to know:

1. The church van will be leaving from Westminster at 1 PM THIS Sunday. Students should bring $10 cash for the round trip ride to cover the cost of gas. Our Associate Pastor, Adam Grosch will be driving the van over to camp on Sunday, and two of our Parents-Chris and Ted Speak-Burney will be picking the youth up from Camp on Friday at Noon. The van should be back in Salem between 2 and 3 PM on Sunday (depending on if it stops at the Cheese Factory or not on the way home).

2. Students should plan to bring a group snack to share with the entire camp. There were details about this in the camp letter home, but if you have lost it or forgot it, just pick up a bag or two of chips :)

3. There is a big dinner at the end of the week that mashes together two very different things into one theme. This year's theme is Harry Potter Luau. Basically this means that students should try to bring an outfit that makes them look both Harry Potter-ish and Hawaiian. I'm going to leave the interpretation up to them :)

4. The Greatest Camp Ever has a very strict policy when it comes to the use of cell phones and ipods This is because of the unique community we try to build amongst the campers. Electronics of any kind are not allowed in camp. We have also had some theft in recent years with students bringing phones/ipods/computers to camp. It's just not a good idea. Please have your students leave their cell phones and ipods at home. Every leader in camp will have access to phones if there is an emergency.

5. Please pray for our seven students and leaders who will be at camp this week:
Rachel Hook
Elena Goodenberger
Emily Burney
Karina Gonzalez
Wyatt Bray
Leah Adams
Vik Schaaf

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