Thursday, March 7, 2013



1. Daffodil Delivery-NEXT SUNDAY-March 17th. The mid highs have the opportunity to deliver daffodils to care centers in Salem from 9:45-11 AM with the Sunday School classes. If your student would like to come, please email me and let me know. 

2. Street Cleaning-NEXT SUNDAY-March 17th. The mid highs will be doing a service project during youth group from 11-12:30.  We will head over to Sunnyside Road and clean the street we have adopted.  It is a great experience to be out in the community and neighborhood we are a part of.  Students will be chaperoned, working only on the sidewalk and wearing bright orange vests for safety.  If your student plans to come, please let me know.  If they have not done this service project during City Camp, there is a quick waiver a parent will need to sign when they are dropped off for youth group.  

3. CITY CAMP-Registration for CITY CAMP is still open.  Westminster has 14 spots left and we are expecting them to go quickly.  Registration is available on the youth bulletin board at church or can be downloaded from the youth website  Cost is $75 for a week of service, fun and fellowship.  Partial scholarships are available on a need-basis.  Friends are invited to register as well! 

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